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Thursday, January 8, 2015

About Kim Jong-Un Birthday from "The New York Post"

Exactly one year ago, flamboyant NBA hall of fame star Dennis Rodman stepped up to a microphone in the center ring of a North Korean basketball court and sang “Happy Birthday” to leader Kim Jong-un, the world’s youngest head of state.
Kim is believed to have turned 32 on Thursday, but this year there have been no reports of celebrations or even any public mention of the event so far in the reclusive nation. His age is apparently a state secret.
However, China, North Korea’s only major ally, offered birthday wishes. Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei told reporters at a daily briefing Thursday that China had “expressed congratulations” to North Korea on the occasion.
In the United States, which expanded sanctions against North Korea late last month after blaming Pyongyang for a hacking attack on Sony Corp., State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said she had no message for Kim for his birthday.
Kim’s birth date has long been a secret in North Korea, where information about his personal life is limited and part of a highly managed state narrative.
Rodman’s song was the first time the date was confirmed at an event where Kim was present.

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